Your Neighbourhood Friendly Stucco Contractor, Toronto

We are the premier Toronto stucco contractors. We proudly and courteously install and
repair stucco, plaster, and EIFS wall systems throughout the city.
Here's a quick overview of what we can do for you:

  • Exterior stucco—siding, mouldings, parging, trim, finish
  • Smoothest, most authentic, Venetian plaster in Toronto
  • Best EIFS wall systems—Durabond and Senergy EIFS stucco products
  • 10-Year warranty on all stucco and EIFS installations
  • Anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area—and beyond!

We've been in this business for over a decade and have an impressive portfolio of completed
stucco projects from all over Toronto. You can see a wide selection right now, here on this
website or on our Flickr where we have an extensive gallery including before and after pictures.

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Toronto stucco contractor that works throughout the Greater Toronto Area; we specialize in installing and repairing EIFS wall systems,
stucco and plaster, moulding, siding, parging, and custom stucco and plaster finishes, textures and solutions.