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Exterior Stucco

If you want your house to look its best, you have to call the best. You have to call us. We'll install beautiful stucco siding, gorgeous mouldings that not only look amazing, but are durable and energy efficient. We guarantee it.

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Custom Stucco

Not an average project? We have extensive experience working with architects and builders in developing customized stucco solutions all the way from the wall system to the finish. You can see what we've done in the past in our portfolio.

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10 Year Warranty

We truly believe in our craftsmanship. That's why we're able to offer what no one else can—10 year warranty on all stucco and EIFS installations. And do ask us about getting an extra 5 years on top!

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EIFS Stucco

EIFS stucco, also known as acrylic stucco or synthetic stucco, incorporates insulation and water drainage into your wall. It'll save you on heating costs, and it won't mould. We install only the best EIFS wall systems from Durex and Senergy.

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Venetian Plaster

Want to add texture and depth to your walls? Venetian plaster is a very popular finish—and if done right, your walls can have all the character they deserve and still feel silky smooth.

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Stucco Repairs

Do you really like your existing installation but feel it could use a little improvement? We do stucco restorations, as well as repair cracks, blisters, faded colours, and can fix just about anything wall-related—we are experienced professionals.

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